• Professional Football Player

    I’m Katriina Talaslahti, a Finnish professional football goalkeeper playing for Olympique Lyonnais Féminine.


    In June I was proud to inform you all that I have signed new three years contract with Olympique Lyonnais from 1st July, 2019.


    The last four seasons, 2015-2019, I played for FC Bayern München.


    Though, born in Finland I'm now living in Lyon, France. However, when I have a chance I enjoy making regular visits to Finland. In addition to Finnish, I can speak, English and German fluently. Besides football I'm passionate about traveling, fashion and nature.


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  • Career

    Highlights of My fast-paced career

  • 2019 - New challenges

    After summer vacation I changed my location from Munich, Germany to Lyon, France. I have signed new three years contract with Olympique Lyonnais starting from 1st July, 2019.


    In the picture: I visited Lyon in May. I am at the Groupama Stadium, where OL team plays the Champion League and French league matches.


    News about my transfer to OL:

    OL (18.6.2019)

    MTV (live news 19.6.2019)

    MTV (19.6.2019)

    YLE (18.6.2019)

    YLE (19.6.2019)

    HS (19.6.2019)

    MTV (12.7.2019)


    BIS-School (News 1.7.2019)

    Süddeutsche Zeitung (26.7.2019)

    2019 - The first half

    Winning the title of Women's 2. Bundesliga and representing Finland WU19 National Team.


    Already during the fall season, I was the first goalkeeper in FC Bayern’s 2. team.

    Overall, my team's season has gone really well - we won the 2. Bundesliga championship in May!

    In June I'll be off to a well-deserved summer vacation in Finland!


    In April I attended the UEFA Women's Under-19 Championship Qualification tournament in Belgium with the Finnish WU19 National Team. Unfortunately, in the last minute, we dropped out of the UEFA WU19 final tournament. Representing Finland at the junior level is now over.


    More statistics about my season you can find here.


    New challenges in U19.


    I started the fall 2018 season by playing very successfully with FC Bayern Women's 1st Team in France against PSG (The Toulouse International Ladies Cup 2018).


    In November I got invited for the first time to the WU19 Finnish national team training camp.


    Here you'll find some links to news about the Toulouse International Ladies Cup:
    In French press / Culturespg.com / Canal-Supporters.com / Footpy.fr

    In German press / Fcbayern.com



    German Championship with U17 team.


    The season 2016-2017 we had a wonderful U17 team in FC Bayern. Already during the previous season we learned to know each other very well.
    And when we got some good new players, our playing was at an excellent level.
    So, we first won the U17 southern group and finally the U17 German Championship in June!

    These team mates are still my dear friends.


    Follow up my highlights of this season in Finnish in this article from YLE, Keskisuomalainen or Suomifutis.

    Me in Sportpark Aschheim


    Season with FC Bayern U17 team.


    This season 2016-2017 I played for FC Bayern WU17 1st team in WU17 Bundesliga.


    In summer we attended Scania Women's Cup U19 in Le Mans in France and I played in final against FC Barcelona.


    This summer I also made time to promote my native Finland by participating in a book highlighting the Finnish sauna culture by Carita Harju 'Sauna from Finland'.

    Filming was done in the middle of the wonderful Finnish summer.


    We also had the honor to visit the Finnish Embassy in Berlin end of the year.

    Pauliina Talaslahti, Katriina Talaslahti


    Scouted to FC Bayern München as one of the first pro players outside Bayer area.


    In 2015, me and my sister Pauliina were both scouted to join FC Bayern Munich. We moved to Munich in fall 2015 and my whole family decided to setup home so far in Germany.


    This first season we played in the same team, FC Bayern WU17 1st team and attended WU17 Bundesliga.


    My story (in Finnish) from MTV3.

    Pauliina Talaslahti, Katriina Talaslahti, Johanna Tiinus


    My first year in Germany!


    After playing for FC Honka and Leppävaaran Pallo in Finland, I played the season 2014-2015 in 1. FC Nürnberg in Germany with my sister Pauliina Talaslahti.


    In fall 2014 me and my sister both started at a local sports school in Nürnberg and settled down very well.

  • Me in Media

    Huucast 10.7.2019

    A deep radio interview about my transfer from FC Bayern München to Olympique Lyonnais in July 2019. Also speech of my background as well as my future dreams. (in Finnish)

    Winning the title of Women's 2. Bundesliga 2019

    News 19.5.2019

    FC Bayern München II won the champions of Women's 2. Bundesliga in May 2019.

    YLE 5.5.2019

    Article (in Finnish)

    Interview (from 09:15)

    Interview with Finnish Broadcast Company about my European thinking, studies, family and background as well as my football career in FC Bayern.

    Palloliitto 3.4.2019

    Finnish Football Association interviewed me at the U19 European Championship Qualification tournament in Belgium.

    YLE 16.6.2017

    Article (in Finnish)

    Article in Finnish Broadcast Company about me playing in the WU17 Bundesliga final with FC Bayern München and a sneak peek in my life in Munich.

    YLE Ajantasa 27.6.2016

    Radio interview (from 43:50)

    Me and my sister Pauliina talked about our football life in Munich at an interview by the Finnish Broadcast Company.

    MTV3 1.1.2016

    MTV Broadcasting news interviewed me and my sister as we joined FC Bayern München.

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